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(but I shame to wear a heart so white.)

the comedy of errors


missy wong. { <3 }17 years old
Dark haired, hazel eyed
5'8" and pretty damn skinny
Half Asian, you know?

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Down to earth and ready for anything. A big fan of fiction, original and fan, and slightly addicted to music. Eats more than you would expect and loves black clothing. Not emo.

Not a big fan of hot hot weather, a true Oregonian at heart. Even owns a flannel shirt. Hahah. Loves to sing, is an alto, and is way into technical theatre, a soon to be stage manager. Love people beyond belief. Socializing is important.

Likes anime and manga, but they aren't everything anymore. Always up for some good sci-fi, no doubt, and books are a passion.

Finally figured out what to put here. :)

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